Common Injuries caused in Motorcycle Accidents

Having knowledge about common motorcycle injuries can help an individual prepare for the likelihood of an accident and take any necessary precautions in order to avoid such accidents. Some common motorcycle injuries include:

  • Head injuries
  • Road rash
  • Muscle damage
  • Biker’s arm
  • Leg injury

Knowing about the injuries can render an individual preemptive in their riding habits. Motorcycle accidents can be life threatening and should be avoided at all costs. The foremost step towards protecting your future is taking precautions.

Head Injury

One of the most important parts of the human body is the head. The head has the skull with brain in it. Brain is the heaviest organ of the human body. If swelling of the brain occurs and the brain swells beyond the skull, it results in trouble. Sometimes, accidents result in damage to the skull in which the injured has to go to a hospital. Head injuries are the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents. Head injuries result concussions and brain damage. A concussion can be mild or severe but brain damage can either enfeeble or prove itself fatal for the injured.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are also common to motorcyclists. Neck injuries can result in paralysis of the injured and can even cause death. In order to protect oneself from these injuries, a helmet should be worn.

Road Rash

Road rash is an injury that occurs because of sliding across the roadway after a motorcycle accident. The exposed skin of the rider can get rubbed with concrete across the pavement and result in road rash. Such injuries could result in cuts, scrapes or even a simple bruise, but they can lead to skin irritations, infections and nerve damage. The injured is required to have the wound cleaned and treated by a professional and also take antibiotics in order to avoid infections.

To avoid road rashes, there are special motorcycle jeans available which the motorcyclist can wear while riding a bike. Other garments that can protect from injuries include kneepads, gloves and jackets. Leather clothes can also prove helpful in protecting against road rash.

Muscle Damage

Any kind of muscle damage resulting from a motorcycle injury can become permanent. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent the muscle injury from happening in the first place. In cases where precautions are not taken, muscle damage can lead to paralysis. Protective garments can be worn to protect one from such injuries. Besides, immediate medical care should be sought after an injury.

Damage to the Ear

Ear drums are often left unprotected when riding a bike. Earplugs can protect the eardrum from bursting as a result of increased amount of sound a rider is exposed to.

Biker’s Arm

This condition arises as an initial impact after the accident. Motorcyclists face the risk of being thrown off from the bike as a result of an accident. Humans have a natural instinct to draw their arms around or in front of themselves to reduce damage. However, pressure on the arms can increase the risk of permanent nerve damage in the arms as well as the upper body. In order to avoid such an injury, sturdy jackets and elbow pads should be worn.

Leg Injury

Injuries to the legs as well as knees and feet are also common in motorcycle accidents. Injuries to the lower limbs include shattered or fractured bones and knees. These injuries can also cause fracture of the legs and feet and often include scrapes, large cuts, or road rash. Sometimes, severe bruises can take place. In order to protect oneself from such injuries, leather clothing along with kneepads should be worn. Every precaution is an extra step to safer riding.

If you have been in a Bicycle accident, you may need help from a motorcycle injury lawyer. This will help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve if the other driver was negligent and resulted in your injuries.